thinking about // mulling over // engrossed in

>Dýrfinna Benita Basalan’s exhibition, Apple of my eye, at Á milli, Reykjavík.

> Performance artist Filip Vest and their piece The Wide-Mouthed Frog

> Verdensrommet website , tool for artists of foreign descent in Norway to connect, inform and support.

>Futilitarianism by Neil Valley

>The poetry of Gunvor Hofmo

A love poem to her lover Ruth Maier, Bærer jeg kronblad nå:

Du eneste: Hvem er jeg blitt.

En tretthet som planter bilder

i alt som er sønderslitt!

>DUNE: Part 2 – the film and the memes

> Line Prip’s 0,07 m³ sculpture made from household paper

> Nermine El Ansari’s exhibition Er ekki lengur | No Longer | لَمْ تَعُدْ – starts at 48:00

> Thorolf Thuestad’s Kinetic Sculptures

>The relatively new exhibition space TOFU SPACE in the heart of Copenhagen. Tofu Collective promotes Sinophone contemporary art through transnational initiatives spanning exhibitions, publications, commissions, and events.

>Curator Denise Murell describes the work Alain Locke (1925) by Winold Reiss, included in the exhibition The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism.

>Hydro feminism in the exhibition Dangerous When Wet, at a Copenhagen pool
Critique at

>The exhibition Tracing Fragments at Gerðarsafn. With artists Kathy Clark, Abdullah Qureshi, Sasha Huber, Frida Orupabo, Hugo Llanes and Inuuteq Storch.

Installation view from Tracing Fragments, works by Inuuteq Storch. Photo: Vigfús Birgisson

> Adel Abidin’s work ‘Immigration Services’ from 2023, shown in the exhibition ‘For Those Who Couldn’t Cross the Sea’ at the Nordic House Reykjavík, curated by Elham Fakouri.

> Icelandic Art Center Podcast with Elham Fakouri about the exhibition ‘For Those Who Couldn’t Cross the Sea’

> Simon Dybbroe Møller, ”Hypnic Jerk”, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2023. Video: Jens Henrik Daugaard.

>These days, I find it hard to hold onto things and to concentrate. I need to lean towards greater thinkers, so I read Hannah Arendt’s “On Violence” on and off. 

“The practice of violence, like all action, changes the world, but the most probable change is to a more violent world.”

> AIVAG, Artistvisa activist group in Iceland

> Event in the Nordic House:

> Icelandic Art Center Podcast with AIVAG, conversation about their practice and their goals as Artists in Iceland Visa Action Group