Water People

The participants in Nordic Noise

Emmi Pennanen

Emmi Pennanen (b. 1990) is a Helsinki based freelance dance artist, writer, and curator, as well as a student at the master’s program for Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art at Aalto University. As a dancer Pennanen is currently a member of several differently organized working groups, where her role ranges between dancer, assistant, creative collaborator and choreographer. Recently she has performed with Tero Saarinen Company, Makeshift Company, and Sivuun Ensemble among others. Previously she has worked with the Finnish National Ballet and BalletVlaanderen in Belgium.

In 2020 Pennanen completed a bachelor’s degree in science with a minor in social science. The minor presented her with a critical outside perspective on the position of European classical art institutions in a society with aims for intersectional feminist policy. Through writing Pennanen is examining the possibilities for renewal in institutions that uphold an outdated worldview, with a focus on ballet and dance. In curating she is interested in the approach of relational aesthetics, as a way of bringing together different points in time and culture as to challenge, and at best, undo narratives that uphold oppressive structures.

Eva Lín Vilhjálmsdóttir

Eva Lín Vilhjálmsdóttir (b. 1995, Reykjavík, Iceland) recently graduated with an MA degree in philosophy from King’s College London. She holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Iceland and currently works at the National Gallery of Iceland. Eva Lín has written about art and interviewed artists for several online magazines and publications and continues to expand on her philosophical training throughout her projects. By approaching the art world from a philosophical perspective, her work emphasises critical engagement with contemporary art, its social framework, and its societal impact.

Janosch Bela Kratz

Janosch Bela Kratz is a communication designer born in Germany, currently based in Reykjavík. He holds an M.A degree of Design in “Explorations & Translations” from the Academy of the Arts Iceland and will soon graduate from the Communication design department at the University of the Arts Karlsruhe in Germany with a Diploma Degree (M.A). The degree in Iceland formed his theoretical background and the idea of social and cultural responsibility as a designer, while the ongoing studies in Karlsruhe are building his conceptual and practical back bone. Life in a foreign country and the connected travels have had much influence on his work.

As a communication designer his interest in social and cultural phenomena focuses on both the visual and the non-visual. Ways of reading, understanding and questioning the world around us, its biases, channels and ideals are part of his research and practice. He works with fiction to draw possible futures based on contemporary and past cultural changes. His work involves video, performance, animation, illustration, editorial, web design, graphic design, fictional writing, costume design and artefacts. He works with topics like post-human feminism, interspecies relationships, the raw, myths and legends, the far and the close and superfiction.

Katinka Saarnak

Katinka Saarnak is a curator and student. She is currently based in Stockholm where she studies an international master’s program in Art and Curating. She has a deep passion for engaging audiences in different art projects and is constantly curious about art and its place in society. Katinka holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Copenhagen. After finishing her degree she worked for a consultancy company in Copenhagen that mainly worked with, and curated contemporary art in public spaces. Together with three colleagues, Katinka runs the independent art guide seaslug.se, providing an independent calendar of Stockholm’s contemporary art scene. She is part of a writing team for the platform AWARE where she writes artist biographies on Nordic women artists. In April 2022 is doing a 10-week internship at Tensta Konsthall where she will work closely with the curating team.

Nina Helene Skogli

Nina Helene Skogli is a theatre researcher, critic, and pedagog based in Kristiansand. She has just finished her Ph.D. in theatre at the University of Agder (UiA) with the thesis “Thinking through affect: Affective uncertainty in politically engaged contemporary theatre” (2022). She has been working as a lecturer at UiA, and with education and dissemination at Kristiansand Kunsthall. Nina is interested in alternative ways of art dissemination, spectator memory, and exploring how we experience contemporary art collectively and individually. In addition to her practice as a researcher and pedagog, she has been a performer in projects such as Shadows of tomorrow by Ingri Fiksdal, Atomic Tours: City of the Damned by Annika Lundgren and The Journey by Ida Fugli/Flux Manøver. In the autumn 22’ she will begin a post-doctoral fellowship in the interdisciplinary research project “Making memories. Contemporary Aesthetic Articulations of Norway in the Second World War” at UiA.

Tze Yeung Ho

Tze Yeung Ho (b. 1992) is a Norwegian composer based in Helsinki. Tze Yeung’s music is created at the crossroads of understanding, reflecting his multilingual upbringing. His works explore the territories of speech, translation in language, dramaturgy and poetics. Working with Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric and Chinese poetry and prose, his music treads on the fragile landscapes of (mis)communication through (un)spoken words. Close collaboration with living writers, storytellers and word-based artists is integral to his practice. His creations usually result in some form of music theatre, even in times when the music is purely instrumental or acousmatic. Tze Yeung received his PhD in music composition from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre where he researched phonetic elements as tools to creating musical materials. Tze Yeung constantly questions the idea of Nordicness in his artistic practice and life between Finland, Estonia and Norway. The Nordic label often prescribes expectations and descriptions to Tze Yeung’s music. Sometimes Tze Yeung likes to curate these descriptors in his music and in other times he prefers to keep distance from such labels.

Photo credit: Kaapo Kamu